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Traditional leadership is critical for our survival. We work to heal our people as we know Creator gave each of us a gift to share. Colonialism with Residential schools, 60's scoop has caused much damage. We work to restore the Clan Mother system so that our communities are healthy and vibrant. We work to bring back Rites of Passage and other Ceremonies so that all people know they are wanted and belong.

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Indigenous Women's Leadership

The Indigenous Women’s Leadership Change Lab brings together a knowledgeable group of women from across Turtle Island helping to retrieve lost or forgotten traditional Ceremonies and knowledge through methods of storytelling/ legends that hold sacred teachings amongst our people.  It is through the voices of oral traditions that cannot be erased, that have been delicately handed down from the Elders to younger generation that we find the truth of who we are and how we are meant to live our lives on Mother Earth.  We are working together to strengthen the traditional roles of leadership amongst women that historically held these roles of governance before colonization.  We are guided by the sacred teachings, ceremonies and elders so that we may grow spiritually to continue the ways of knowing.

The IWL   Change Lab

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Wapna’kikewi’skwaq Feminine Leadership Retreat 2020.pdf

- What leaders do you see in your community?
→ What qualities do you see in that person?
- How do we nurture traditional leadership?
→ In our families?
→ In our communities?
→ In our confederacy?
→ In ourselves and personal lives?

Feminine Leadership  Retreat 2020


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Mi'kmaw Leadership Program 
(Ta’n Teli L’nuwulti’k)

"Ta’n Teli L’nuwulti’k believes in the inherent goodness of humankind, which can be enhanced and mature if properly nurtured.  We hope to accomplish this by promoting awareness of relationships and connectedness. By encouraging respect for self and others, everyone becomes accountable for their decisions and learns to accept responsibility for their choices because it has the power to impact both physical and spiritual realms."

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