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Call for Research Assistant

Call for Applications Research Assistant

Please find the Call for Applications document here.

This research proposes two strands of research guided by Wapna'kikewi'skwaq, an
Elders Advisory Council (EAC) and communities of Wabanaki. It is envisioned that these
would be conducted concurrently and that each strand would continuously inform the other.

  ● The first is to begin to capture what we are describing as the Birthing story of
Wapna'kikewi'skwaq and our Ta’n Teli L’nuwulti’k process by providing space, time
and intention to listen to what these stories have to teach.
  ● Second, develop and implement an arts-based land-based event for single mothers of
children with disabilities, using quality improvement/implementation science to
plan/do/study/act while demonstrating health and well-being outcomes.
For more detailed understanding of the research a copy of the research proposal can be accessed here:

Weaving Wellness with Ta'n Teli L'nuwulti'k - Wholistic Indigenous Health and Healing Action Research.pdf


  • All interested applicants please send Cover Letter and CV to

  • Please direct questions

  •  We welcome applications from people with disabilities. Accommodations are available on request for candidates taking part in all aspects of the selection process.

  • We will respond to all applicants.

Research Assistant Call for Applications.pdf


Hearing Our Voices: Wabanaki Research on “Disabilities”

In collaboration with Wabanaki Disability Network, Women of First Light was looking to hear from Wabanaki women about the gaps in support, challenges in mental and physical health related to their experiences with “disabilities.” During the months of May and June 2022, three online Talking Circles with a total of 9 participants, were recorded.


This report shares stories of struggles people have faced or known; reflections on things that are working and things that are not; dreaming about services that could most help. Exploring how Wabanaki people understand and speak on terms referring to “disabilities.”

FINAL REPORT Hearing Our Voices

june 2023


Dream Walkers Vision: Travelling Teaching Tipi

Over 20 years ago, Lottie Mae Johnson had a vision of a beautiful tipi. She was take this tipi to different communities and with other elders and pass on traditional teachings, stories, crafts and Ceremonies.  When Lottie became ill in the summer of 2022, she realized she needed to make this vision a reality. Too many elders had passed and too few are following Indigenous ways of being. She wants to take this tipi to gatherings, pow wows and to schools in Mi’Kmaq communities.


Women of First Light sought funding and were able to purchase a tipi for Lottie, plus limited funds for travel and food.  The tipi was raised for the first time at a Youth/elder gathering at the Tatamagouche Centre.  If you are interested traditional teachings shared in your community please email


This is from  the project  Walking with Our Sisters, Mt. St. Vincent University. 

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