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Release Chantal Moore & Rodney Levi

Press release: June 26 th , 2020

Wapna’kikewi’skwaq - Women of First Light, an Indigenous women-led organization in Wabana’ki has

started an on-line petition calling for an Indigenous led investigation into Chantal Moore’s and Rodney

Levi’s deaths by police. It has reached over 5,000 signatures in a few days. The group, which has a

project honouring MMIW (Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women) wonders how do we honour our

loved ones, when the list just keeps growing? How do we move forward? Both Moore’s and Levi’s

deaths in NB, 8 days a part, point to the wide-spread systemic racism towards Indigenous people and

people of colour in Canada.

Therefore, we are deeply concerned about the integrity of a Police Unit from Quebec being allowed to

conduct the investigation. “We have witnessed time and again how the truth is concealed in efforts by

institutions to protect their own. Further, our trust in the Quebec Police is already deeply compromised

due to experiences of Indigenous people within Quebec.”, states miigam’agan, Clan Mother and Board

member. For example, there have been many media stories of abuses and racist attitudes toward

Indigenous people by the Quebec police which was confirmed by Quebec’s own judicial inquiry in 2019.

Wapna’kikewi’skaq – Women of First Light strongly requests that the investigation into Chantal Moore

and Rodney Levis’s deaths be led by Indigenous people. Further, we request that the Clan Mothers of

Wabana’ki be in the forefront of selecting the Indigenous participants. Wapna’kikewi’skaq is more than

willing to identify Indigenous police, lawyers and others who are qualified to lead this investigation in a

respectful and thorough manner. “As Clan Mothers, we are highly respected for striving for the health

and wellbeing of our people. Thus, we know who in the Mi’kmaw community has integrity, good values

and skills to lead and participate in this investigation, explains Jane Meader, a Clan Mother and educator

from Membertou First Nations.”

Frankly, we have lost all faith in justice in New Brunswick and Canada for Indigenous people.” Adds

Catherine Martin, Board member and well-respected film maker,” adding “Without our direct

involvement in the investigations, we believe, we will not learn the truth, especially where in Chantel’s

case, was supposed to be a wellness check! The woman was afraid of being harassed by a man.

Someone knocks loudly on the door at 2 am and so she comes to the door with a knife. That makes

sense. Killing her does not. The same goes for Rodney. He was reaching out for help, when he was

killed. There can be no reconciliation without justice.”


. To arrange an interview, please contact our coordinator, Ishbel Munro, 902 921-4014 or and she will put you in touch with us.

Most Sincerely,

Catherine Martin miigam’agan 24 Glooscap Dr. Millbrook First Nations, NS

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