What We do

Bringing light and hope

Wapna'kikewi'skwaq - Women of First Light recognizes that our world is out of balance.  We are matri-cultural societies. The western imposed system has turned our world upside down and caused much harm to men and women and children.

We work to heal and empower women and men based on our traditional ways.

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Land-Based Education Centre

For youth, elders, women and men

"It is the work of reconnecting ourselves, our families and children with our first mother.” The whole philosophy is about working together and teaching cultural knowledge through the land. It is about connecting back to our land.

We have held our first youth/elder workshop where we put up 3 Wi'Koums and a Sweat Lodge. We are working on getting canoes and have plans for workshops on Traditional Plants, Grandmother Teachings and more

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Gatherings, seminars

Sharing Our Knowledge and Strength

We hold each other with love as we share our stories and heal from the past. We are all leaders. We do not have a hierarchy. We are re-creating the circle of Creation the way it is intended to be. 
We explore oral stories from long ago and unpack our languages, as guideposts of how we should be with each other.

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Creating resources (videos and more) and research

Videos, language and history research, book and more

Through videos we are capturing traditional knowledge, songs and stories. We are also highlighting issues facing Indigenous peoples. 
We are starting a book that will highlight the achievements of Indigenous women in Wabanaki Territory. Many have changed the course of history but what they accomplished is not known by their own communities, let alone the wider society.

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Partnering with Universities

To be lead and see ourselves reflected in higher learning

Our very long-term dream is to have an Indigenous University in the east. Our long-term dream is to have a Dept. Of Indigenous Women's Studies. In the meantime we have started  Wapna'kikewi'skwaq (women of First Light) as a Centre to grow and share Indigenous Women's knowledge and wisdom