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Women of First Light is
a non-profit group led by Indigenous women
from Wabanaki Territory. 

Women of the First Light brings
the Wanabaki people together to understand the universe deeper.

Each language holds a piece, and bringing them together broadens the understanding of the cosmos and our relationships with it.

Our purpose is to heal our communities, families and society by remembering and returning to the traditional ways of our ancestors.

We work to bring back the balance and restore the role of Clan Mothers.

Membertou Red Dress park opening Nov 2022

We`koqma`q Community Commemoration


Our Story

Although many of us have worked informally together for 14 years, we came together in the spring of 2016 at the invitation of the Catherine Donnelly Foundation. The Foundation wondered if we wanted to form an eastern hub of Righting Relations. The 35 women gathered gave a loud yes. And Apji-wla'Matulinej (Righting Relations) was born. 


We agreed we wanted to change the story of Indigenous women from one of being a victim to one of resilience, power, hope and love.  After brainstorming on all the things we could do for our communities, we realized we needed to heal and strengthen ourselves first. We needed to build trust among ourselves and we needed to re-learn and remember how Creator intended us to be.

Drops of  Wisdom

April, 2021

Teaching Children
on Wampum Belts

Tobacco Seed &
Indigenous Science

Sacred Beings. Moon &
Sun Calendar. Longhouse Life.

Wampum Meaning &
Word for Treaty

What we do

Bringing light and hope Wapna'kikewi'skwaq - Women of First Light recognizes that our world is out of balance.  


We are matricultural societies. The western imposed system has turned our world upside down and caused much harm to men, women, and children.


We work to heal and empower women and men based on our traditional ways.

closing May 2017.jpg

Ta'n Teli L'nuwulti'k
A Leadership Program
Based on Traditional


Language And Culture Project Summary Report -

Traditional Moose Hide

Tanning Session 2019


WOFL Feminine


Retreat 2020


All our Relations

Get in touch with Wapna'kikewi'skwaq - Women of First Light to learn more about our work and how you can get involved.


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