Peaked Hats - MMIW 

We gathered family members of MMIW (Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women) to learn how to make Peaked Hats to honour their loved ones. From these we are creating a colouring book. In five communities, we will be co-creating commemorative pieces designed by the families. We also created an hour long video with elders on the meaning and teachings of the Peaked Hats. We are honoured to be a part of this healing journey.

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Land-based learning - Newegati

In Esgenoôpetitj, we have created a land-based learning space and have held a number of events with youth and elders. Learning with the land creates a sense of belonging. Our dream is to have a year-round land-based centre, where our teachings are considered on par with University credits 

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Videos, on-line webinars and talking circles

We have held a number of on-line sessions called Wabanaki Knowledge Keepers. You can find them posted under Videos. They include discussions on Treaties, traditional teachings, herbal plants, and more. We also created a series of language videos' in 5 Indigenous languages form Wabanaki homelands.

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Community Gardens/Food sovereignty 

We support two community gardens in Wagmatcook and Esgenoôpetitj with seeds, supplies and greenhouses. In Wagmatcook families can have their own raised beds. Students and families are learning the skills of gardening again. We also held workshops on herbal plants and how to butcher and can moose meat and veggies. Food is given out to elders and families.


Indigenous Women's Leadership

Traditional leadership is critical for our survival. We work to heal our people as we know Creator gave each of us a gift to share. Colonialism with Residential schools, 60's scoop have caused much damage. We work to restore the Clan Mother system so that are communities are healthy and vibrant. We work to bring back Rites of Passage and other Ceremonies so that all people know they are wanted and belong

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Other projects

We have held many gatherings including a 7 day moose hide tanning/smoking session. We have held language workshops that included basket making and language connected to fishing and hunting. We held a weekend wampum belt making session. We hold on-line talking circles for women and men. We held a number of check-in sessions around the finding of unmarked graves. We are working on co-creating a book on Indigenous Women Trail blazers from Wabanaki. 

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